A country endowed with various tourist attraction sites, especially those with a diversity of ecosystems. A harmonic combination of splendorous cultural heritages of two thousand years and multifariousness intact beauty embellish Myanmar as a land with mystical charm. Hundreds of thousands of golden pagodas, golden stupas and solid gold Buddha images make this country known as GOLDEN LAND.

Geographically, Myanmar is the largest mainland over Southeast Asia where most of its destinations are untouched and pristine. Myanmar is a homeland to more than 136 ethnic groups with a current population of 64 million. Central Myanmar is packed with numerous glamour ancient buildings dates back as early as 11th Century. Traveling to south, Tenasserim coastal welcomes visitors many immaculate beaches and diving sites to explore and experience wonderful underwater world. No exaggeration, Myanmar is a country in which you can observe beautiful sunrise / sunset lying on the untainted, silvery sandy shore. Travel to north, only-one-snow-capped mountains in Southeast Asia lies amid the vast ecosystems comprised of endemic butterfly species as well as some exotic plants and animals. The business city of Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, serves as the main gateway to Myanmar with modern international airport. Being a British colonized country, many aged colonial structures and red-brick buildings are in vast. And yet, Myanmar speaks very decent English as compare to other South East Asian countries.

There, unlike other gateway capitals in Southeast Asia, you will be staggered to see what Myanmar people wear in their daily lives. Despite the fact that younger generations try to fetch up with world trendy fashion, majority of Myanmar still sustain the tradition of wearing longyis (sarong-like garment wrapped around the waist) with some blouse or shirts above. Other noticeable particulars you will attain from the golden land are some people’s charm, friendliness and hospitality.

Shwedagon Pagoda, a 99m-glided pagoda lies high atop on the Singuttara Hill, is a MUST GO spot in Yangon. The composition of architectural complexity, sparkling jewels and the hundreds of Buddha images will make you mesmerized. By loitering around the holy pagoda you will sense its legends and history. Shwedagon is the greatest pagoda of its variety in the world, comparable in size and sumptuousness to the Angkor Wat of Cambodia and Borobudur of Indonesia. The word “Shwe” means “Gold”. No wonder, the great pagoda is decorated with pure gold plates. Apart from Shwedagon pagoda, Yangon has some other vacation spots like Htauk Kyant War Memorial Cemetery where 27,000 stone-graves of Commonwealth and Allied Fallen Soldiers during the Myanmar crusade are laid. Exploring north from the cemetery, you can also visit to Bago which used to be known as Hanthawaddy, was Myanmar’s Second Empire founded by King Bayintnaung. Many of tourists flock over Bago to observe ruins of Hanthawaddy Palace.

The off-beat and highly satisfying trip suggestion for you is Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda, also known as Golden Rock Pagoda. It’s 160 km away from Yangon and an exciting seven-and-half mile mountain climbing to the pagoda. Lying above 3,600 feet above sea level, it is the second most revered pagoda in Myanmar with the exception to the great Shwedagon. What makes Kyaik Htee Yoe especially awe-inspiring is its precarious position: it stands on the boulder that seems to be defying the force of gravity as it hangs from the spur of cliff.

Myanmar’s central area is a pool ancient’s heritage and exotic civilization. Mandalay, the capital of Myanmar’s last kingdom, is a number one visiting place in central Myanmar. Mandalay area is a compilation of many interesting places; Mya Nann San Kyaw Golden Palace of Myanmar last kingdom, Ku Tho Daw Pagoda known as the biggest book in the world, U Pain Bridge as the longest wooden bridge in South East Asia, the scenic Mandalay Hill and Maha Myat Muni popular as face washing Buddha image. Not to be outdone, the legendary Myanmar silk weaving is also an interesting thing to explore during your visit to Mandalay.

Heading to eastern Myanmar, Shan State bordered with China and Thailand, forming three-country border called Golden Triangle Area. The picturesque Inle Lake of Shan State will offer you a wide, pleasant trip which is home to unique leg-rowers and the native lake dweller. Inle Lake surroundings also possess fascinating tourism spots like Kalaw (a beautiful resort city), Pindaya (enormous cave), Kakku Pagoda (a cluster of thousands ancient pagodas). Trekking tour from Kalaw to Pindaya is a chance to enjoy beautiful landscape and discover the tradition of tribes’ villages.

Are you adventurous enough to explore the genuine nature world in Myanmar? We will recommend you travelling up to northern city of Myanmar, Myitkyina, from where you can explore a nature forests and wildlife area in Khakaborazi National Park comprised of exotic plants and animals. Nearly extinct animal species like red panda, endemic butterfly species amidst of snow-capped mountains.

With a total of less than 5,000 elephants, Myanmar is ranked as the country with second most elephants around the world. Since those days in 1800’s, Myanmar’s elephants have been primarily used in Myanmar timber industry for logging. Exploring daily life of Elephant is an appealing experience for eco-tourists and if you are keen in this, Pho Kyar Forestry Resort is a place to choose where you can enjoy witnessing bathing and washing of elephants, practice elephants’ rides as well as daily routine of logging as well.

Before way back to your home, breath taking over night trip to one of Myanmar’s western beaches will be a worth decision to incur. Most travelers stop by the beach before they say “Good Bye” to our Golden Land. The 1930-km Myanmar’s coastline area congregates many diminutive beaches and there are three prominent striking beaches. Among them, Ngapali Beach of Rakhine State is the most admired beach among the travelers. Aside from Ngapali Beach, Chaung Thar and Ngwe Saung of Pathein Division are more accessible to the city of Yangon i.e. only 5-hour drive with private van. The icy blue and dirt free water, silvery sand and rocky shoreline backing with coconut trees and greenish rainforest are true natural magnetism factors to Myanmar.

“Mingalarbar” – Auspicious to you. Team SriAsia welcomes you to the Golden Land and let us craft your golden moments during your stay at our golden land.