Gifts & Souvenirs

Visitors to Myanmar are blessed with a large assortment of gifts and souvenirs to buy.  Burmese souvenirs are mostly handmade and of high intrinsic value.  Different parts of Burma fabricate its own regional souvenirs.

Among local souvenirs, Pan Yoon (Lacquerware) is the most admired thing.  Lacquerware represents the distinctive lifestyle of Burmese people nothing less than the way Chinaware represents the Chinese tradition.  Burmese lacquerware is 100% handicraft made from bamboo, wood and thick black varnish.  Lacquerware from central region i.e. Mandalay and Bagan possesses legendary drawing styles of 11th century, its unique quality and remarkable durability. The craftsmen from central Burma masterfully fabricate these lacquerware. Craftsmen pay tremendous attention to the each and every details that they sometimes claim their products were not crafted with hands, but with their hearts. Lacquerware  outlets in Myanmar carry a comprehensive collection ranging from tissue boxes to drinking cups and photo frames.  Everything you think of furnishing accessories and kitchen wares, available in lacquerware. Price varies upon quality and the inimitable drawings appear on the products.

Apart from lacquerware, many tourists buy gems and jewelry during their visit to Myanmar.  Myanmar soil is a pool of more than 1,000 varieties of gems and jewelry.  Myanmar’s ruby, diamond, cat’s eye, emerald, topaz and pearls gain reputation in the world market. Mogok in Mandalay division generates the best quality ruby in the world. Phakant in Kachin state is famous for the world’s top ranked jade mining and the world class “A” pearls are vastly found in Myeik of Tanintharyi division (formerly known as Tenasserim Division). Tourists visit various accredited and reliable gems vendors to buy precious gemstones for various purposes; for their own, to give present or buying as an investment.

Moreover, Burmese puppets is also a HOT item for many tourists especially Europeans. Burmese puppets are elaborately costumed and bejeweled. Burmese puppets are used in the old epic puppet performances and are beautifully crafted in the Burmese style with gilt, sequins and glass jewels. Tourists purchase puppets, the fundamental art symbol of Burmese people, to decorate their living room.

Furthermore, the hand-woven silk fabrics are also a priceless gift item for many tourists. Famous wavy pattern of Myanmar silk fabrics with stylish design and pattern frenzies the tourists’ eyes and interests.  To be able to weave the fabrics with over 100 silk threads using both hands and legs, it takes at least 3 years for a designer to expertise in these intricate looms.  Patience is needed; do not surprise! it takes a month to finish fabrics for one person. These luxurious Myanmar silk are typically expensive and Burmese ladies are proud of wearing traditional silk fabrics on important occasions.  Amarapura of Mandalay is the home of first class Myanmar silk fabrics.