Mote Hin Khar


The most commonly consumed food, either branded as snack or main meal, Mote Hin Khar is ubiquitous both in gourmet restaurant and even at road side shops. It is mainly fish gravy, served with rice noodles and fries building up appetite for consumers.

Coconut Noodles


Another top choice after Mote Hin Khar comes coconut (Cream) noodle, cooked with a certain combination of chicken, fish ball, and coconut cream. Eaten with normal noodles. For Diabetics, coconut-cream can also be replaced with ordinary milk.

Shan Noodles


Those delicacies have become prevalent even in lower Myanmar despite their faraway origin, Shan State. “Yummy” will be the inevitable feedback for those, having tried as a variety of Shan Noodles are available with or without gravy and warm-tofu , served with “San See” noodles is a must.

Pickled Green tea Salad


It is synonymous with Burmese ancient culture as it was used as a gift for the attendants in wedding ceremonies. It is still elaborately served as a desert after meals and supper nationwide.

As it name suggests, Pickled Green tea leaves are made into salad with a diversity of ingredients, such as roasted sesame seeds, fried-peas, garlics, sliced-tomatoes and many others.

Myanmar Curries


Sharing common borders with India, China and Thailand, Myanmar curries have ha mild influence from those nations but have emerged a unique style of their own.

Curries can sometimes be a little spicy but for tourist, the seasoning is minimized. Some dishes can also slightly resemble those of Chinese and Salads, similar to those of Thai. Yet, Visitors, when interviewed revealed their two-thumbs all the way straight up.

Myanmar Deserts


Majority of them are coconut-cream and glutens rice based with the injections of jaggery and many other items. The most widely-cosumed ones are steamed sticky-rice with either fries or baked-dried fish, rice cake (Shwe-Kyee) , Mont Sein Paung, a snack, baked from rice-powder, etc.